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Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research

Founded in 1954, Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute is a scientific research institution directly under the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. In 1999, it was transformed into a large-scale technology enterprise directly under the Central Government.

Beizi is a unit that researches and develops automated logistics technology in China. For decades, it has been adhering to the fine traditions of the company, continuously absorbing advanced technology, accumulating design and construction experience, and has now become a domestic logistics system integrator, at home. leading position.


According to the characteristics of various industries, North has adhered to design innovation, manufacturing innovation and management innovation in the field of warehousing and logistics technology. Various types of automated machinery and related control systems, such as roadway stackers, palletizing robots, conveying equipment, shuttle trucks (RGV), automatic guided carts (AGV), EMS, sorters, etc., have been developed around automated logistics systems. And logistics equipment and software products for system simulation software, logistics management software (WMS), image acquisition and processing software, monitoring software (WCS), scheduling software and ERP system interface software used in different industries, and successfully applied to various automated logistics Among the system projects.
North has successfully completed more than 500 automated logistics system projects, and its business chain covers the entire logistics industry from production logistics and distribution logistics to large logistics distribution centers.