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Shuttle Intelligent Warehousing Solution


The Shuttle intelligent warehousing solution provided by Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry CO.,LTD can meet the high-density, high-efficiency, automatic and low-cost logistics storage demand, and it is convenient and safe in service, so it is widely applied.The system hardware is composed of satellite, high-density storage rack, stacker and conveyor and so on. Through the unified management, scheduling and optimization of the warehouse intelligent information software system, it can realize the automatic warehousing of goods.
Stacker and satellite are important components of the whole system. The stacker can complete the transport of pallets within the warehouse aisles in an accurate, stable and efficient manner. The satellite can complete the linear transport of pallets within the storage rack lane. When bearing the high load, through its own distance measurement and automatic speed regulation functions, it can make the goods run stably, so that it can realize the maximum utilization of space, and place the goods on the storage rack in an orderly manner.
When the goods are put in storage, the pallet is placed on the input platform by the forklift, then sent to the storage aisle by the conveyor and stacker, and then to the best locations by the satellite to realize dense storage. When the goods are removed out of the warehouse, the satellite automatically runs to find the most reasonable location and pick the pallet. Then, the pallet is sent to the output platform by the stacker and conveyor, and then the forklift will take it away. Through the stacker, the satellite can realize the automatic transport, change between different aisles and lanes and realize first in first out or first in last out. 
Compared to the traditional unit aisle-type stereoscopic warehouse, this solution can enhance the storage capacity by about 20% and reduce the construction cost by about 10%. It is applicable to such industries as food industry, cold chain industry, military industry and fast-movingconsumer-goods industry, and has been successfully exported to the countries in Europe and Asia.