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Goods-to-Person Picking System Solution


The goods-to-person picking system solution provided by Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry CO.,LTD can meet the high-density, high-efficiency, intelligent and low-cost logistics picking demand, and it is convenient, efficient, accurate and safe in service, so it is widely applied.
The system hardware consists of multi-shuttle, high-density storage rack, picking workstation and conveyor, and through the unified management, scheduling and optimization of the information system, it can realize the goods-to-person picking.
Multi-shuttle and picking workstation are important components of the whole system. The multi-shuttle has a super-high processing capability, and is an ideal platform of caching and sorting. It connects with the picking workstation to automatically deposit and withdraw the goods accurately and efficiently. The picking workstation in this solution, with an allocation of 2:4, can process 4 independent orders at the same time and enhance the dismounting and picking efficiency of the workers. Each workstation can complete 500-1000 original box picking tasks per hour
Compared to the traditional picking mode, this solution can enhance the storage utilization by about 50% and the picking efficiency by 2-5 times, and its picking accuracy rate can reach 99%. It is applicable to e-commerce distribution center, medical logistics, cold chain logistics and food industry, etc.