Shuttle Intelligent Warehousing Solution

The shuttle intelligent storage solution provided by Beizi technology can meet the needs of high-density, high efficiency, automation and low-cost logistics storage, which is convenient and safe, and has been widely used. The hardware of the system is composed of shuttle board, high-density shelf, stacker and conveyor. Through the unified management, scheduling and optimization of warehouse intelligent information software system, the goods can be automatically put into and out of the warehouse. Stacker and shuttle board are the important parts of the whole system. The stacker completes the transportation of pallets on the space in the warehouse roadway, and its operation is accurate, stable and efficient. The shuttle board completes the straight-line transportation of pallets in the rack roadway, undertakes the high load, and makes the goods run stably through its own distance measurement and automatic speed regulation functions, so as to maximize the use of space and arrange the goods in order on the shelf. When entering the warehouse, the unit pallet is put on the storage platform by the forklift, and then sent to the inventory channel by the conveyor and stacker, and then sent to the best location by the shuttle board to realize intensive storage; when leaving the warehouse, the shuttle board automatically runs to find the most reasonable location, takes out the pallet, and sends it to the outbound platform through the stacker and conveyor, and the forklift takes it out. The shuttle board can be automatically transported by the stacker, and can be changed between the tunnels and channels to realize first in first out or first in second out. Compared with the traditional unit laneway stereoscopic warehouse, the solution can increase storage capacity by about 20% and reduce construction cost by about 10%. It is suitable for food, cold chain, military industry, FMCG and other industries, and has been successfully exported to Eurasia and other countries.