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Classic Case

Automation System of Finished Product Warehouse of Shandong Heng'an Xin Xiangji Paper Products Co., Ltd.
China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Changsha Logistics Park Project
Fangtai Group 100 Mu Intelligent Logistics Center Project
Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical Automation Logistics Center of Shiyao Group
Modern Pharmaceutical Logistics Center of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holdings Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
Automated Stereo Warehouse of Jiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Xizhilong Food Co., Ltd. Automated Stereo Warehouse
Automated Stereo Refrigerator of Zhengda Food (Xiangyang) Co., Ltd.
Automated Stereo Warehouse of Finished Products of Zhengda Food Co., Ltd. of Thailand
DTY Automatic Packaging Line of Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Automated Logistics Transportation System of Electronic Glass Fiber in Jushi Group
Automated Stereo Warehouse of Tongkun Group
Automated Stereo Warehouse of a Force in Guangzhou
Automated Stereo Warehouse of a Force in Tianjin
Three-dimensional Warehouse of Fully Automatic Core Storage System in Liaohe Oilfield
Compton Huangdao Industrial Park Automatic Warehousing Center
Automated Stereo Warehouse of Warehouse Complex Building of Bank of China Beijing Branch
Automated Stereo Warehouse of Xuji Electric Vehicle Intelligent Charging Station
Shuttle Automated Stereo Warehouse of Mengpai Porcelain Industry
Digital Stereo Warehouse of Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd.

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