Fangtai Group intelligent Logistics Center project of 100 mu



Ningbo Fangtai kitchenware Co., LTD. Has built a smart logistics center covering an area of 100 mu in Hangzhou Bay New Area. After completion, the center will become the largest high-end kitchen electric products logistics storage and distribution base in China, meeting the inventory requirements of 300,000 high-end kitchen electric products, with a daily output capacity of 50,000 pieces. The whole intelligent logistics center carries out centralized management and intelligent scheduling through the central control system of Fangtai Group in the process of warehousing and outbound of products, realizing the automation of the whole process of production-warehouse-delivery.

The whole intelligent logistics center is mainly composed of a set of fully automated three-dimensional warehouse system, with a total of 30 high-speed roadway stackers 24 meters high and 32,560 storage Spaces. In addition, it is equipped with 33 robot systems for stacking and unstacking, 1 box conveyor system (with a total length of about 4.7 kilometers), 1 set of high-speed slipper sorting system, 1 set of pallet conveyor system (about 1,600 sets of equipment), and corresponding automatic control system and computer management and monitoring system.