Xuji Electric vehicle intelligent charging station industrialization project automation warehouse



Xuji Group Co., LTD. - The logistics system of the industrialization project of electric vehicle intelligent charging station is mainly composed of pallet warehouse, material box warehouse, flat warehouse, pallet conveying system and material box conveying system. The logistics system serves the storage, sorting and distribution of electrical components on the distribution screen in the production workshop, which solves the requirements of classified storage of electrical components in the production workshop and real-time sorting and distribution of materials according to production orders. It has realized the functions of automatic storage of electrical components, information management of materials in the workshop and real-time distribution of materials in connection with production orders. The system has also realized the perfect combination of information and automation, creating a model project and setting an example for the industry. It provides a strong guarantee for enterprises to optimize process and improve management ability. It has overcome the difficulties in managing multiple materials (pallet racking, material box racking and storehouse), and maximized the great value brought by information transformation into industrial production with high yield, high profit and low cost.