Tongkun Group automated three-dimensional warehouse



Hengbang PHASE III automated three-dimensional warehouse system is the third automated three-dimensional warehouse built by Tongkun Group, supporting hengbang Phase III production workshop with a daily output of 900 tons. The system consists of 20372 cargo shelves, 9 stackers, 2 RGV trolleys and more than 200 conveyors. There is a unique bar code on each pallet of products of this project. The code is scanned and stored in the warehouse. Through the seamless connection between the electrical control system, WMS system and the packaging line and ERP, the three-dimensional warehouse realizes the automatic code scanning and automatic warehouse delivery after the completion of packaging and the automatic warehouse delivery function of ERP order building. In combination with the WCS system, the running state of the storage equipment can be seen in real time. The system meets the warehousing requirement of 800 tons per day, and the maximum outgoing efficiency is 200 litres/hour. This project adopts the pallet not off line mode, and realizes the functions of sub-parent tray stacking, empty tray stacking and returning to the library, and empty tray disassembling through the electrical control system.