Zhejiang OsM Beauty Technology Co., LTD. Intelligent logistics warehousing project



Osm intelligent logistics and Warehousing project includes pallet three-dimensional warehouse (6 double-stretch stacker, 4 single-stretch stacker, 23808 cargo space), Miniload warehouse (2 clamping servo stacker, 23760 cargo space), shelf spare warehouse, robot 3D vision pallet removal, pallet conveying line, box-type conveying line and automatic sorting system. For the first time, this project adopts the robot 3D vision based stacking removal system to realize the automatic stacking removal of "cargo-to-robot". At the same time, Miniload library adopts double position clamping high speed servo stacking machine to realize fast entry and exit. In the sorting system, the manual double check speed is greatly improved through accurate and reasonable distribution of sorting ports. The whole process of box code can be traced by docking with the upper system of the system.