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RIAMB (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

RIAMB (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.(R.T.D.) is one of the leading logistics system integrators in China. R.T.D. is originated from the Logistics Technology Engineering Department of RIAMB with the mission of accelerati ng the development of RIAMB’s intelligent logistics business, and is currently a subsidiary of RIAMB.

R.T.D. has become a well-known brand industrywide and successfully delivered over 800 logistics automation system projects, serving the whole logistics industry from manufacturing logistics, distribution logistics to la rgescale distribution centers. R.T.D. provides comprehensive solutions for various of manufacturing segments including processing, handling, packing, warehousing, delivering and etc., with integrations of automation, informalization and intelligentization,and now has been implemented in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, fabrics and, cold-chains. Hundreds of companies have broken its limitations in logistics automation field with the assistance from R.T.D., accelerated its path to achieve manufactural intelligentization, and therefore pursued higher enterprise values.

1954 year

Establishment of Parent Company

15 +

National Industry Organizations

70 +

Intelligent Manufacturing Projects

800 +

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