Beizhi Technology also won two awards in the home furnishindustry


October 22, north from the development of science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as north since science and technology) were invited to attend the third session of the national 2019 home industry supply chain and wisdom logistics conference and annual China household logistics warehousing and distribution association branch ", and won the "2019 national household supply chain and wisdom logistics suppliers in excellence" and "2019 national household and wisdom logistics supply chain excellent project prize" two awards.

With the theme of "collaborative sharing, Integrated Innovation" and focusing on intelligence, digitization and standardization, the conference attracted more than 200 representatives to attend and conducted in-depth discussions centering on the construction of industrial logistics standardization, supply chain collaboration and cost-reduction and efficiency enhancement, smart storage, automation technology and its application.



Photo: The conference site


At the meeting, Chen Chuanjun, deputy general manager of Beizi Science and Technology, delivered a speech as a guest. The theme of the speech was "Delivering beautiful projects, helping the high-quality development of household enterprises". At present, the strategic partners of Beizhi Technology in the home furnishing industry include Fangtai Group, Opai Group, Weishang Group, Hongapple Furniture, Gree Electric Appliances, Wanjiale and other well-known enterprises in the industry.



Photo: Chen Chuanjun, deputy general manager of Beizhong Technology



Photo: Award ceremony



Photo: Beizui Technology won two awards, "2019 National Home Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Excellent Supplier" and "2019 National Home Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Excellent Engineering Project Award"